There are lots of pirates out there who copy names of breeders and other information from legitimate cat fancy websites. In an attempt to rapidly create a profitable website (they hope) without putting any honest work into it, the pirates present the stolen information on their sites. They often list breeders and their catteries without their permission. It's also common for pirate sites to illegally steal copyrighted photos of purebred cats, copy or plagiarize articles written by legitimate cat fanciers, and so forth. Be aware that pirate sites may misrepresent the catteries and the breeds, and they may cause breeders to appear to be supporting sites and practices that the breeders do not. Here are the sites that currently have our enthusiastic endorsement and support. Incidentally, we don't get any kind of commission or reward for endorsing these folks. These are worthwhile sites affiliated with people and organizations that we know well.

Fanciers' Breeder Referral List (FBRL). This is the oldest, the biggest, and the best of the cattery directory web sites.

PREOSSIA PREOSSIA. This is the only club in North America that is dedicated exclusively to the preservation of the Old-Style Siamese. PREOSSIA was the first club in the world to use "Old-Style Siamese" as a breed name to designate the type of Siamese bred prior to World War II in the U.S. and still bred in Thailand today. The Old-Style Siamese is a substantially build cat with a modified wedge head; short, flat coat; and slightly elongated body. It is not the same thing as the concept of the Traditional Siamese, nor is it the same thing as the Classic Siamese. PREOSSIA endorses the breeding of Old-Style Siamese according to their Asian heritage, which is to say in the same range of body build as an Abyssinian, Japanese Bobtail, or Tonkinese.

Purebred Cat Rescue.  This site provides a directory that can help you find feline rescue groups, shelters, and other animal welfare resources. The site provides tips on how to discriminate between good shelters and bad, as well as between good breeders and bad. In addition, it has a directory of catteries that meet Purebred Rescue's criteria for ethical breeding practices.

The International Cat Association The International Cat Association (T.I.C.A.). Of the world's major cat associations, T.I.C.A. is in our opinion the one with the most intelligently thought out policies on registration. It achieves the right balance between the strictness necessary to maintain the authenticity of breeds and the flexibility needed to keep breed gene pools sufficiently diverse and healthy. (Note that the achronym is T.I.C.A. Please do not confuse T.I.C.A. with clubs or organizations that may have similar names but that are not considered major cat associations.)

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