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Peril in Miniature
Show-Style Siamese


Like most breeders of purebred cats, we raise small numbers of quality Siamese kittens within our home on a not-for-profit basis. We do it because we love Siamese cats, and we want to help preserve this wonderful 700 year old breed, its famous, nearly human personality, and its health and longevity, for future generations. We are located in Southern California, within reasonable driving distance of most parts of the Los Angeles metro area, Orange Country, Palmdale, and Santa Clarita. We also often get folks coming to us from the Bay Area and San Diego. We prefer to place kittens locally, but giving them the right home is more important than giving them a California home. We have placed many a kitten in outstanding homes in other states, and we will continue to do so from time to time.

We breed Siamese and nothing but Siamese and only (we sincerely hope) for the good of Siamese. We breed two types of pedigreed Siamese, old-style and show-style. This page is about our show-style Siamese. At the bottom of the page, you will find links to information and photos about currently available kittens, terms of adoption, and more.

Show-Style Siamese
 Head study of Anuket
QGC Swiftriver Anuket of Sarsenstone
TICA Southwest Region's Best Siamese
Second Best Lilac Point Siamese in TICA
2004-2005 Show Season

Photo by Cris Bird

A Siamese and Tonkinese breeder named Cathy Rokaw once said that for most people the show-style Siamese is an acquired taste. Cathy was right about that. But oh, how much you can love them once you do acquire a taste! Sure, they look strange at first. Some people say they look so fragile they are afraid they will break when picked up. Some people are convinced show-style Siamese must be unhealthy because they look so much like a Vogue model or like the famous "Twiggy."

But the truth is not so simple. They aren't fragile. Yes, they are typically small, but they have been bred to have lots of muscle tone. They aren't bulky, but they are wiry. Think of a marathon runner less than a foot tall and you get the idea. They are tough little athletes, and you feel it when you pick them up.

A famous show-style Siamese breeder named Jeanne Singer (Singa Cattery) once compared the show-style Siamese to the cheetah. She said that if nature can produce an extreme but very beautiful cat like the cheetah, why can't breeders produce Siamese that are selectively bred to an extreme but artistic vision of felinity?

Well, they can if they are patient and slow about it, don't  carry things too far too fast, and take pains to restore lost genetic diversity to the gene pool.

It is certainly possible to breed unhealthy show-style Siamese. But it is also possible to breed unhealthy Old-Style Siamese. Breeders of either kind of Siamese who want to save time and money by "linebreeding" over and over in what is already a very inbred breed are likely to harm the health of their cats—whether or not they breed long enough to discover the full extent of what they have done.

And it is possible to breed healthy cats of either the show-style or the Old-Style type.

Anuket has something to say!
Little Anuket has something to say!
(Siamese are vocal.)
Photo by Jim Brown

Show-style Siamese tend to grow on a person. The best of them are talkative, loving, playful, furry little fairies. Imagine a pixie that leaps to your shoulders and winds a lithe body and tail around your face and neck, all the while chatting conversationally with you in gobbles and gutturals, yowls and sighs, purrs and prROWWWs!

It doesn't take long to get addicted to a 5 pound pixie who pingpongs happily around your home like a poltergeist. Soon, very soon, that pixie rules your life and your heart.

We know because it happened to us. We love all forms of the Siamese now. We're doomed.

Our Girls

We'd like to begin by introducing you to our lilac point show-style Siamese girl. Her name is Swiftriver Anuket of Sarsenstone. She was bred by our friends Deb Legrand-Wellman and John Wellman of Swift River Cattery. Anuket was named after the Egyptian goddess of the Nile cataract. She steals the heart of every stranger who comes in our door. She's never met a person she didn't like.

More photos of Anuket. All photos are by Cris Bird unless otherwise indicated:

  1. Anuket just starting her adult career as a show cat She still looked like a big kitten at that point. Photo by Jim Brown.
  2. Anuket enjoys the morning sun. (Siamese love warm places to nap, such as sunny perches.)
  3. If you think I'm going to fall for that dumb toy-waving routine while you snap another photo, think again! (Siamese are intelligent.)
  4. Anuket is a typical, nosy Siamese. (Siamese are too curious for their own good.)
  5. Show-style Siamese are supposed to have long necks, and they get even longer when they are curious about something, as Anuket demonstrates.
  6. The more curious Anuket gets, the longer her body gets, too. (Show-style Siamese are supposed to have super-long bodies.)
  7. In fact, you wouldn't BELIEVE how curious Anuket can get. Look at her reflection in the glass to see how hard she is stretching upward. (Siamese are more active and athletic than most breeds.)

Anuket's Half Sister

Ch Swiftriver Peril of Sarsenstone
Photo by Cris Bird

Where Anuket is laid-back and likes everyone she meets, Peril is cautious and choosy.

That in part is why we named her Peril. But Peril, like Anuket, was also named in honor of the cattery where she was born. Swift rivers are perilous as well as beautiful, and swift rivers tend to run deep. Peril is deep.

She's a complex, sensitive, acutely intelligent cat who forms profound relationships with one or two people she loves very much.

With her special people, and only with her people, Peril is also funny, outgoing, and charming.

Peril was one of our queens for a time, but we recently retired her. She was a great mom, but being in heat all the rest of the time wasn't her idea of fun, nor ours either. Right now she's helping us raise her son Jet and get him ready for a show career, but she may want a home of her own one of these days. §
Peril, rear, with sister Anuket, front
Silly Peril in the Sun
Our girls:
Peril, rear, with half sister Anuket, front

Warm sun puts Peril in a silly mood
Photos by Cris Bird
Peril has beautiful eyes

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