History of the Sarsenstone Name 


(c) Clive Ruggles
Sarsenstone is the name geologists give to the ancient sandstone used to construct parts of ancient monuments of the British Isles. Stonehenge is the best known of the monuments, but there are many others, such as the one shown above. The monuments were created up to 5,500 years ago, probably by the Beaker folk of prehistoric Britain. People living in medieval England a mere eight hundred or so years ago marvelled at the ancient stones. They believed they must have been put there by "heathens." Since the only heathens those medieval citizens were familiar with were the Saracens, whom they fought during the Crusades, they began to call the stone monuments "Saracen stones." In time, this was slurred to "sarsenstone." Geologists liked the local name for the stone and decided to make it the scientific name, as well.

To us, "sarsenstone" is symbolic of something old, sometimes misunderstood, but always magical and wonderful, like the Siamese breed. That is why we took it as our registered cattery name.

(c) Clive Ruggles


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