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 Costs, Shipping, and Terms

ittens going to new homes must be 12 weeks or older.

We ask $1200 for pet kittens, which includes neutering the kitten, a form for registration, pedigree, vaccinations appropriate for age, and sales contract with health guarantee. (For those not used to pedigreed kitten prices, consider that 25 years ago, pedigreed kittens cost about $350 and spay/neuter cost about $40. Now prices typically are around $1200 and cost of spay/neuter is generally around $200. Vaccines, pet food, prenatal vet care, and so on have all gone up considerably. Most breeders actually have not raised prices in step with veterinary and other costs.)

If a kitten must be shipped, shipping fees (airfare, shipping container, vet exam, health certificate, ID tag, etc.) typically come to an additional $400.00 (give or take), depending primarily on the airline and route that must be flown.

Two kittens can be shipped together for very little more than it costs to ship one kitten. There is the cost of a second exam and health certificate, but they go in the same carrier for the same airfare as for one kitten.

Before you ask, no, flying is not terribly stressful for kittens if it is properly managed (e.g., a nonstop flight). In our experience, it is adult cats that may get upset about flying and travelling. Kittens are at a trusting, happy-go-lucky age and they expect everything to turn out well. The biggest stress for them, actually, is getting used to a new home and new human friends. That's an adjustment they must make whether they are shipped or not.

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