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Sarsenstone Cattery
Old-Style Siamese (Thais)
At Sarsenstone, we breed Old-Style Siamese cats, also known as the Thai Siamese, and known in TICA as simply the Thai. These are cats like, for instance, Pyewacket in the movie Bell, Book, and Candle.

These are the cats as they were when brought from 19th century Siam to England by boat to be the foundation of the Siamese breed in the West. We believe they are the same cats the Thai people called the "Wichienmaat" and bred in ancient Ayudhia. (The background of this page shows some of the ruins of Ayudhia as they looked in 2008, when we paid our third visit to Thailand.)

The Old-Style Siamese breed has been a beloved part of human culture and history for at least 700 years.


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If you decide you might like to purchase a kitten or cat from us, please be prepared for lots of questions. We are concerned about matching the right person to the right kitten. People sometimes call breeding a business. It isn't one. (See Where the Money You Pay for a Kitten Goes.) Other people call breeding a hobby. It's not really that either. The word "hobby" sounds like something done just for fun. Done properly, it's far too much work and expense to be just for fun. Breeding is a passionate avocation with a serious goal, to ensure the survival of a beloved breed that is part of our cultural traditions. It's not that easy when there aren't many cats in the breed that are unrelated to each other and when there are so many potential genetic problems to learn about and watch out for. Goals or not, we would rather keep all of our kittens and stop breeding than let one kitten go to an unhappy life in the wrong kind of home.

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Inquiries via email are welcome, as are questions via email about the cats, the cattery, and the Old-Style Siamese breed.

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