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 Breeding Just One Litter?

We do not offer stud service.

Sarsenstone Cattery also does not sell breeding cats to the general public. We sell breeding cats very rarely and only to people we know well.

We have often heard from people who want us to provide them with a mate for a "Siamese" already in their home, a cat that they bought elsewhere and know nothing about. It's almost certainly a cat that shouldn't be bred—has falsified papers, is not a genuine Siamese, carries genetic defects, or is from an over-used bloodline. An ethical and knowledgable breeder does not sell a breeding cat to a stranger just for the money or based on a few conversations.

Those who want to do things the right way should join a good breed club, such as PREOSSIA, find a mentor in that breed club, buy an alter to show, attend shows, and learn from all the people you meet along the way. 

Take the time to learn before ever buying the first breeding cat. Those are actions that say more for a wannabe breeder than words ever will. 

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