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This is LasJoyasThai Rock of Sarsenstone. He's a seal point male bred by Brigitte Sierck. He was born near Hamburg, out of Old-Style Siamese parents Brigitte imported into Germany from England. In GCCF, Rock is registered as a Siamese. In TICA, he's registered as a Thai. Rock has a delightful personality and is a ham in the show hall.

Chiangmai Piab of Sarsenstone was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand, bred by Ed and Malee Rose from native Wichienmaat cats. We visited the Roses in 2001 and brought "Pippy" back to the United States with us. We visited again in 2003 and met Pippy's father, Klaa, still going strong at age 15 years. Mr. Pippy has many talents. Here you can see him doing a flipflop victory dance after nailing a foolish gopher that had invaded his enclosed garden run.

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