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We've been fortunate to know many great queens over the years. Currently, we live with two:

Argemone ("Gemmie") is the daughter of Lasjoyasthai Rock of Sarsenstone and Sarsenstone Xyris. Xyris is retired now and lives with a cat buddy and a human buddy. Gemmie is the seal point you see at the top of every page of this website. She epitomizes in many ways the perfect Thai Siamese, both in looks and personality. She's smart, affectionate, intelligent, and easy to live with. Here and here are additional photos of Gemmie, taken when she was a little younger.

Liilaa is a direct import from Thailand, bred by Khun Arm of Catarea Cattery in Bangkok. We brought her back with us from Thailand at the end of 2003. She stood out when we first saw her because of her obvious excellent health (the tropical climate in Thailand is not always kind to kittens), her intelligent expression, and her unusually high contrast pattern.  We were not disappointed. Liilaa is without question the best female Wichienmaat we have imported, solidly healthy, a great mother to her kittens, easygoing temperament, and as beautiful as ever. Argemone is Liilaa's granddaughter.

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